Our in-house production team is on hand to create a full service media production for stills, moving image, fashion shows and special events operating from our locations in East London.

 We are have a multi-disciplined production agency with extensive experience in fashion and e-commerce industries tailored to suit each client’s individual needs, providing you with end to end services. 

We would love to hear from you and find out more about your exciting project!


Full service event production - Location scouting - Front of the house and backstage services - Creative consultancy - Set design & Props hire - Build & Technical design - Lighting & Sound direction - Choreography - Show calling and stage direction - Sponsorship procurement - Special Event consultation

Planning and prep

Creative Consultancy - Art Direction development -Casting - models and streets - Location Scouting


Logistics, travel and accommodation - Equipment logistics - Budget management - Location permits - Shoot insurance

On Set

On-set producers - Studio hire - Equipment hire - Crew hire - make up, hair, stylists, photographers, video producers, music - Catering for cast and crew - Stills production - Video & Media production

Using Format