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Cre8 Studio is a four Film + Photography and Event Studio available for hire. Located in Hackney Wick, East London. 

The studio also includes equipment , cafè and restaurant, car park space, seated client area, e-commerce facility, darkroom and scan lab.

Cre8Studio was opened in 2012 inside the modernist art deco public baths that were designed by the Borough’s engineer Percival Holt in 1935. Originally, Holt proposed public baths with a huge swimming pool with gallery, and a concert hall with stage and club rooms. Sadly these plans were never realised and had to be scaled back to only include public ‘slipper’ baths and a laundry.

The ground floor had 48 baths – 24 for women and 24 for men. There was also a waiting room, matron’s office, towel and ticket office. The second floor had a caretakers’ flat with a roof garden. The two storey concrete building comprises two slightly projecting bays to the left and right of the main building. These bays were lightened with long thin vertical windows. Two short flights of stairs lead to separate Mens and Women entrances.
 The building was converted into a community centre in the 1990s.

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 3

Studio 4

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